Last night before race

Final Race brief, dinner with Qingdao team and last night in bed and room with air conditioning…  this is going to be a hot hot race up to the equator!

We have a great crew of 20 in total – some super experienced round the world crew and a mix of newbie leggers like me. We have a new skippers mate, another Chris – so that makes 4 x Chris….Chris-skip, Chris-chief… our chief engineer who joined from Greenings, Chris-known as Q, our bosun/quartermaster, and Chris Sargent…henceforth Sarg – coincidentally with a military background!

Our race starts with a short inshore race then a motor through the Great Barrier Reef for an off shore start.  And you can follow our progress on

Much appreciation to family and friends support that has got me this far… smiles. Susan

Ready for off

Qingdao in SydneyQingdao is in Australia and already nearly half way round the world – and I am about to fly out to spend some time with Charlotte, my daughter who will see me off when I start Leg 5, in late January, racing from Airlie Beach to Sanya, China.

After training and preparing for more than a year it feels slightly surreal to be finally off next week.

If I believe we should expect the unexpected, this challenges the ability to prepare 🙂


Welcome to my Clipper Adventure blog

I completed my first week of Clipper training in October, 2016.  With an awesome bunch of people and a brilliant skipper, this was my first insight into what lay ahead.

In May, 2017 I was delighted to be allocated to the Qingdao team, some of whom are with me in this photo. I asked to go on a Chinese boat because I am doing Leg 5 from Australia to China and I remain very happy about being on the Qingdao boat with a wonderfully diverse team and our German skipper, Chris Kobusch.

When we arrive in Qingdao in March, 2018 we will be given a very special welcome. And more than this I have met some of our Chinese ambassadors and they are enthusiastic, committed and as keen to get to know their team mates as we are to learn more about them, their people and their culture.

After Leg 5 I will spend two weeks exploring China and then rejoin the Qingdao team in Seattle to complete Leg 7 down the west coast of the US through the Panama Canal then up to New York.

This blog will bring to life my sailing adventure and the study I am doing into the Impact of Extraordinary Challenges.  Welcome.