Last night before race

Final Race brief, dinner with Qingdao team and last night in bed and room with air conditioning…  this is going to be a hot hot race up to the equator!

We have a great crew of 20 in total – some super experienced round the world crew and a mix of newbie leggers like me. We have a new skippers mate, another Chris – so that makes 4 x Chris….Chris-skip, Chris-chief… our chief engineer who joined from Greenings, Chris-known as Q, our bosun/quartermaster, and Chris Sargent…henceforth Sarg – coincidentally with a military background!

Our race starts with a short inshore race then a motor through the Great Barrier Reef for an off shore start.  And you can follow our progress on

Much appreciation to family and friends support that has got me this far… smiles. Susan

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