Friends for life

Fantastic friendships have been forged.  Perhaps because we have been so incredibly interdependent, sharing an extreme and challenging environment – often tough in obvious and not so obvious ways.  We were both exposed and blessed by mother nature’s raw and sometimes indescribably beautiful, ever-changing backdrop.  But with no obvious escape from our crew and yacht, it was intense, crazy, funny and exhausting.  There really was no hiding from who we are when we are struggling, and how we all show up when absolutely disoriented by lack of sleep, extraordinary pressures and any semblance of our normal lives.

Billed as ‘the race of your life’, for some escaping the rat race of their previous life, we now have new friends for life.  We are all changed by our experience.  Perhaps we see ourselves and others in a new light?  Have our perspectives changed?  How will this change how we relate to others on our return?  Time will tell – and in my study I will explore this in detail.

It was incredible for Qingdao to celebrate a podium finish in Liverpool.  After racing for nearly a year our team finished first into Liverpool and overall third. I am happy for our skipper and round the worlder crew whose commitment and dedication was simply awesome.

For most the race result was not the primary goal at the outset, although whilst sailing our level of focus and commitment to racing fast unquestionably drove the team on to achieve success.

As part of the study all participants were asked about their motivations for doing the race.  These included to:

  • challenge themselves mentally and physically and for some to find a better me,
  • get out of their comfort zone,
  • learn true team working skills,
  • see the world and to meet people and in particular those from other cultures,
  • learn more about sailing,
  • kick start a new phase of their life,
  • have a life changing experience…

and many more – a very diverse collection of motivations.

Once their post race questionnaires have been completed, I look forward to exploring the extent to which the study participants have realised their intentions.

Please continue to support and follow me – and ask me questions if you are curious!


One thought on “Friends for life

  1. Many of us start the race with a limited list of motivations but the race challenges you on so many fronts that it is very likely it will give rise to a significant change in most people’s lives, it will be very interesting to obtain greater insights into this change.

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