How fragile we are

After the sunshine comes the rain. Beautiful, cooling rain, rain and more rain. The last few days have brought plenty of rain and today I wonder whether it’s possible that my skin might go mouldy, with these humid conditions.

Subtle changes in temperature, environment, what we eat, how interrupted our sleep pattern is, remind me how sensitive we are. How resilient in some ways and yet how sensitive. So too our world. Having spent a week on an ecological paradise called Lady Elliott Island at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, I witnessed the dedication and commitment of a few to nurturing and supporting the regeneration of a fragile ego system. An island that was almost barren has through revegetation come to support a haven for birds who in turn bring the nutrients to support natural trees and plants. Through their scientist’s education I appreciate more profoundly than ever the impact of rising temperatures on coral systems and the incredible, fragile bio diversity of our oceans.

Here and now on Qingdao we have started the Ocean Sprint part of our race, but Mother Nature decides our fate with light breezes it feels rather too gentle and our progress somewhat frustration compared to previous days. After the sunshine comes the rain, then more rain and drizzle… then more rain. At some point some sunshine again for sure.

We celebrated Valentines Day and then yesterday Chinese New Year. Our two Chinese ambassadors, who join as crew sponsored by the government in Qingdao, cooked us some traditional Chinese food. And today it’s more simple fare…wraps corn beef and spam again. Some 1000 miles from Sanya and the possibility of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Smiles. Susan.

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